After the 2015 revisited surreal-folk album "Ribcage of a Pineapple Lambscape", the metal-grinding 2016 vibes on "Office or the Cult", and the 2017 neo-punk cover EP "Downgrades!", the Yukiko The Witch trio* is back in 2018 with an electro-rock rollercoaster ride entitled "Lies of a Minah Bird". YTW brings you a joyful freefall into the horrific realities of our troubled Planet, while never forgetting the common thrills of our miraculous human existence.

YTW live shows are hosed down with a dose of electro acid rain induced by the drummer's blast beats on electronic drums, monstrous rock from the savvy bass extravaganza by the man who makes our (wooden) instruments, and lazer-punk storms from the howling growling and sibilant schreeches of the singer who thinks he's an owl.

*James Bones (Guitar, Vocals), Franck Claise (Bass), Diego Hasselhof (Electronic Drums)


Yukiko The Witch is related to a ghost story by Lafcadio Hearn. The second act of his KWAIDAN (also brilliantly brought to the screen in Kobayashi's version) depicts a snow witch ("Yuki" means snow in Japanese) who haunts a man of the forest ( :) James Bones was born in the Forest of Dean, not far from the Welsh Black Mountains).

"Ko" means child. As a child, Bones would dream of sleeping in the snow (described later in the Shining), and would often be seen as happy in the snow as in the sun. "Yukiko", as well as a friend of the singer/song writer, was also an improvised song on a day when the spiralling snowflakes of late February would mesmerize as usual.


Après un album folk surréaliste revisité et un EP néo-punk acidulé, le trio* Yukiko The Witch est de retour avec un album electro-rock intitulé "Lies of a Minah Bird" (réference à Twin Peaks).

Les lives sauvages de YTW sont teintés d'électro avec le déferlement de blast beats de Diego Hasselhof à la batterie électronique, de rock avec les notes de basse monstrueusement hypnotiques de l'homme qui murmurait à l'oreille des guitares, et de punk avec le chanteur qui massacrait les cordes de guitare.

*James Bones (Guitare, Voix), Franck Claise (Basse), Diego Hasselhof (Batterie Electronique)



Lies of a Minah Bird


The Golden Cage


Ribcage of a Pineapple Lambscape

Office or the Cult